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Sandy is a character in Doraemon: Story of Seasons. A quite fisherman who loves Marlin fish so much. She lived alone at her own home on Zazan Cape. She likes fishing mostly when its raining pour down the town, because all fishes will come out to the surface. Go to Fish page for more information.

《釣り具屋を営む女の子。 魚が大好きで釣りをするのも大好き。 ロ数は少ないが,のび太に釣り竿あげるなど優しい一面を持つ。》

(A girl who runs a fishing tackle shop. Love fish and anything about fishing. Even though she only sell a few item, she has kind side like give Noby a fishing rod.)

Tackle Shop event

Chapter 0 "Tackle Shop"



Opening hours at 8AM~1PM - 2PM~4PM

  • Open  : Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Closed : Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Name Description Price Image
Groundbait Used for fishing. Can help catch valuable fish a bit easier. 100G 1588239973578
Fine Groundbait Used for fishing. Makes it easier to catch valuable fish. 300G 1588239982644

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