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This article is about Sara, a character from Harvest Moon GBC3.. You may be looking for Sara in her other appearances throughout the series.

Sara is a playable protagonist in Harvest Moon GBC3.

If Sara is chosen as the main protagonist, the game starts you as Sara, a young girl who used to live on an island with her father, Harry. A while after leaving the island, you receive news that your father has died, so you must return to look after the farm. Mr. Heinz, the island's mayor, enlists Pete to help you work on the farm. As Sara has no farming experience, her and Pete work together on the farm.

Pete and Sara have different farming abilities. Pete is much better at field work and taking care of crops while Sara is much better at caring for animals.

If the player is playing as Sara and weds Pete, the game will end. However, if Pete is chosen as the main character and the player marries Sara, the game will continue.

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