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Scarlet is a red Harvest Sprite, one of the Koropokkur in Doraemon: Story of Seasons. They will help you start at 6AM~13PM for 2 days and their heart will decrease every time you ask for help. The more heart they have, the more days they willingly to help you, but the less heart they have most likely they do not want to help you at all. Scarlet will help Noby watering crops.

Scarlet will give Noby the Hopter and Ultra Upgrader because she found it somewhere in the ground but do not know how to use it.

Junk Shop

Koropokkur have a shop that sells Doraemon's gadgets they found all around Shizen Town, but they do not know how to use the gadget so you can trade it with Junk you found in Mine. Some of these gadget just for gimmick.

Gadget Description Price Image
Canned Spring


A gadget. Open for one of four seasons. Changes greenhouse to Spring. 8 Junk 1587975388954
Canned Summer


A gadget. Open for one of four seasons. Changes greenhouse to Summer. 8 Junk 1587975399138
Canned Autumn


A gadget. Open for one of four seasons. Changes greenhouse to Autumn. 8 Junk 1587975562014
Canned Winter


A gadget. Open for one of four seasons. Changes greenhouse to Winter. 8 Junk 1587975542363
Unturned Stone Cap


One time purchase.

A gadget. Put in on and become like an unnoticed pebble on the road.

25 Junk 1587975523878
Weather Card (Sunny)


Whatever Weather Box weather card. Tomorrow will be sunny. 8 Junk 1587975508528
Weather Card (Cloudy)


Whatever Weather Box weather card. Tomorrow will be cloudy. 8 Junk 1587975487027
Weather Card (Rainy)


Whatever Weather Box weather card. Tomorrow will be rainy. 8 Junk 1587975465858
Ultra Upgrader


A gadget. Improves all silver tool performance for an hour when turned on. (1 hours) 8 Junk 1587975445640
Fatigue Frogger


A gadget. Reduces fatigue. Increases stamina for a limited time. (2 hours) 10 Junk 1587975375187


A gadget. Use to flip heavens and the earth. (1 hours) 25 Junk 1587975422322
Body Blower upper


One time purchase.

A gadget. Put the suction cup on body part to enlarge it. Wanna arm wrestle?

25 Junk 1587975605000
Lunar Luck


A gadget. Greatly improves luck for 3 hours. Perfect for fishing. (3 hours) 10 Junk 1587975588799
Gro-Quik Powder


A gadget. Speeds up the growth of any living thing. A farmer's best friend! 10 Junk 1587975655386 1
Motivator Bomb


A gadget. Produces various energy restoring items' Restores stamina fully. 10 Junk 1587975645052
Ghost Timer


A gadget. Set a timer and a ghost will pop out. Press the clock to set timer. 8 Junk 1587975635385
Mini Raincloud


A gadget. Rains when the cord is pulled. Waters a large area on its own. (5x5 square) 15 Junk 1587975622535
Land Fishing Rod


One time purchase.

A gadget. Fish up items on land. Try fishing from any location.

200 Junk 1588239908474

Koropokkur event

Chapter 1 "Koropokkur"

Chapter 2 "Found Violet!"

  • Go to Mayor Ryam's Bedroom

Chapter 3 "Found Amber!"

  • Go to Knick Knacks General Store behind the cashier

Chapter 4 "Found Sky!"

  • Go to Sandy's Bedroom

Chapter 5 "Found Jade!"

  • Go to Café Delish kitchen

Chapter 6 "Meet Up!"

  • Found all other Harvest Sprite around Shizen Town


  • Koro-pok-guru, also written Koro-pok-kuru, korobokkuru, or koropokkur, are a race of small people in folklore of the Ainu people of the northern Japanese islands. (source: Wikipedia)
  • Sadly when they help Noby, there is no moving animation for them. You won't see them walking around your farm, picking the egg, feeding the animal, watering the corps. They standing in there own position and instantly finish your job.
  • Land Fishing Rod can literally reel up all fish from all season regardless the condition and has a chance to got gems when snagged. It can catch Shark in autumn season without need to waiting for Stormy Day.

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