The Seasons are an integral part of the time system in nearly every Harvest Moon to date. There are 4 seasons in a year, with each season lasting 30 days in most cases. It is important to be aware of the seasons, as they are crucial factors in growing your crops.


Spring is the first season of the year, and the season you often start off in. Grass, flowers, and crops can be grown during this time. The weather will be nice enough for your animals to graze in. Berries, herbs, and flowers are among the many items that can be foraged.

There are also festivals held in Spring, which vary depending on which game you are playing.


The second season of the year, Summer brings hotter weather, but is hardly different from spring in looks. Grass and flowers can still be grown, while summer crops such as corn are available. Summer is notable for being the only season a typhoon can hit and for usually being the season with numerous renewable crops (as in they keep growing after harvest).

Summer festivals will generally center around the ocean and on animals.


Fall/Autumn is the third season and is marked by deep orange and brown hues throughout the environment. As usual grass can be grown and specific fall crops can be purchased. Due to being before Winter, it is often the time when the player should hurry to gather fodder and other resources for the upcoming season.

Another horse race often takes place in Fall as well as other animal related festivals. The Harvest Festival also appears in many games during this time giving Fall festivals a theme of reaping the rewards for your harvest.


Winter is the final season of the year. The days are often snowy and the world becomes white with it. Few animals both wild and domesticated can be found outside as well as villagers. With few exceptions you are not able to grow anything during this season and your animals should stay inside. In some games a blizzard can occur which is similar to the typhoon in Summer.

The festivals in Winter often center around the starry nights, baked goods, church, and the upcoming new year.