This article is about Sebastian, a character from A Wonderful Life. You may be looking for Sebastian, a character from Harvest Moon DS.

Sebastian (セバスチャン Sebasuchan, lit. Sebastian) is a character in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful LifeHarvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

He works as the butler of Lumina and Romana, and lives with them in the Villa. He has known Romana since they were both young, and he has been her faithful friend and servant for many years. He seems to respect Romana very much and cares deeply for Lumina as well.

He is rarely ever seen leaving the mansion, but when he does, it's generally only go out into the yard of the Villa to garden. He never leaves the Villa's grounds, however, making him the only inhabitant of the Villa who never leaves to go into town. Except in the Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition where he is seen escorting Romana to Van's Shop early in the mourning. He loves to paint and garden when he's got free time. 

Sebastian, like Romana, is one of the only characters in the valley who doesn't seem to age throughout the years.

Befriending Sebastian may influence your child to become an artist. In the Special Edition, he will give you the "Town Spirit" record if you befriend him.


Gift Preferences
Liked Butter, Cheese, Milk, Eggs. Fish, Crystal Artifacts, Clay Artifacts, Flowers
Disliked Failed Dishes, Weeds


Sebastian's Photo

Enter Sebastian's room at a time he's in there. You'll automatically notice a photo on his desk, and Sebastian will approach you about it, asking who you think the young woman in the picture is. You'll have to choose between three choices. Tell him you think it's a young Romana, and he'll tell you you're correct.

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