Mls seed shop

The Seed Shop is a shop in Harvest Moon: My Little Shop.

It is run by Rebecca and her son Cecil. They sell seeds to grow crops from as well as things such as fertilizers and plant nutrients. The "great" seeds for each type of crop become available after the "good" version has been grown by the player.


Item Cost
Good Tomato Seeds 50G
Great Tomato Seeds 100G
Good Turnip Seeds 60G
Great Turnip Seeds 100G
Good Carrot Seeds 100G
Great Carrot Seeds 150G
Good Banana Seeds 200G
Great Banana Seeds 300G
Good Cabbage Seeds 200G
Great Cabbage Seeds 300G
Good Strawberry Seeds 200G
Great Strawberry Seeds 300G
Good Pumpkin Seeds 500G
Great Pumpkin Seeds
Good Watermelon Seeds* 1000G
Great Watermelon Seeds* 1500G
Fertilizer 800G
Nutrient 800G

*Watermelon Seeds are only available after purchasing the Juice Bar Set add-on for 400 Wii points.

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