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Sharon is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

Sharon is one of the teachers at Volcano Town School. She first meets Life Grain when she brings her students to the Easter Ruins for a field trip. Out of all the teachers, she seems to be involved the most with all students, although what she teaches is unclear.

She is mostly found at Volcano Town school during the day, and can be seen walking her dog along the main road in Volcano Town early in the morning before class. In the evenings, she can be seen shopping at the Supermarket or looking at the sunset. At night, she is seen in her room inside the teacher's dormitories that are attached to the school. On Sundays, she is found inside the classroom of the school studying with Vanessa

Sharon has gained the attention of many men of the island, including one of her young students, Simon. Million also has a romantic interest in her. She was once in a relationship with the Fisherman.

During the Christmas party, Sharon will tell Life Grain that she is relatively new to the island and has lived here for two years. She eludes to the fact that Vita isn't human and may also be one of Doctor Hope's humanoid creations.

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