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Sheep are animals available in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

Sheep can be purchased for the small fee of 1500G. Sheep, unlike cows, cannot be bred[1]. If you want to keep multiple sheep, you will have to purchase each one individually. Healthy sheep can be sold for half of the price that you paid for them. 


Sheep need to be fed once a day and eat fodder. If put out into the pasture during a sunny day, they will eat grass instead. If left in the rain, they run the possibility of becoming sick. If they become sick, they require Animal Medicine. If not treated, they will die.

Raising a sheep's affection will help to increase the wool quality. Like other barn animals, sheep can be talked to, hugged, and washed. Washing a sheep's wool and keeping them clean is key in order to obtain the highest quality wool. Sheep can be sheared once per season (every 10 days).[2]


In order to shear your sheep, you will need clippers. Wally will gift the player with a pair of shears, or, you can buy a pair of electric clippers out of the ledger. The type of shears you use makes no difference to the wool quality.

Wool Quality Shipping Price
Regular Wool 75G
White Wool 115G
Golden Wool 500G


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