First lamb born!

Sheep are a livestock animal that appear in Doraemon: Story of Seasons.

They can be purchased from Aries at the Gouter Mawk Livestock. All of the supplies needed to look after sheep can also be purchased from Aries.

Sheep eat fodder and live in the barn. Sheep seeds can also be purchased for 2,000G to make a sheep pregnant. Pregnant sheep take about two weeks to give birth. To make your sheep produce Golden Wool, your selected sheep must have 10 hearts then win first place in the Sheep Festival.

Sheep Bell (Silver) available after you upgrade the Roomy Shed to Lv2 and for the sheep to come to you at least it have 3❤︎.

Calling Bell (Golden) available at Aries after you upgrade the Roomy Shed and Chicken Coop to Lv3 with their own respective silo, this bell will order all livestock (chickens, cows, sheep) with at least have 3❤︎ to go out or to come in, also can rapidly increase their hearts.


Sheep can produce Wool or Golden Wool that can be converted into Yarn with Yarn Maker from Smitty.

Product Description Image
Wool Wool sheared from a sheep. Smells like a wet dog.
Yarn Yarn created from wool.
Golden Wool Golden wool from a special sheep. Still smells like a wet dog. Golden Wool-Dor.jpg
Golden Yarn Yarn created from golden wool. Using it would be a waste! Golden Yarn-Dor.jpg

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