Sheep are barn animals available in Tree of Tranquility.

Sheep can be purchased from Brownie Ranch for 4200 G each. You will purchase a lamb, and must wait until they grow. The lamb will take 14 days to become a full grown adult. Once a sheep is fully grown, you will be able to shear your sheep's wool with the clippers.

Alternatively, if you have an adult sheep on your farm, you can make it breed by giving it a Sheep Miracle Potion. This will impregnate the sheep for 7 days. An adult will give birth after 7 days, and the offspring's color will be random (either white or black).

Sheep have an average lifespan of 3 years, assuming that they are in good health. If improperly cared for, they may get sick. If they are sick and are not cured with Animal Medicine, then they will die. If they die naturally, they will die of "old age". Sheep eat fodder, and can also graze outside and eat grass during sunny weather. Leaving sheep outside in bad weather conditions and neglecting to feed them will result in sickness.


A healthy adult sheep will give the player wool every 4 days. The wool must be sheared with a pair of clippers once they have a full coat. When they are sheared, the player must wait until they wool grows back to shear them again. Wool prices vary on the quality of your sheep's wool. Wool quality will increase by brushing a sheep's wool with the brush. If an animal's affection is high, they may also produce better products.

Wool can also be turned into Yarn if the player has purchased a Yarn Maker.

Product Shipping Prices

Wool Shipping Price
Decent Wool 210G
Good Wool 260G
Perfect Wool 310G
Shining Wool 520G

Yarn Shipping Price
Decent Yarn 250G
Good Yarn 310G
Perfect Yarn 430G
Shining Yarn 620G

Colored Yarn* Shipping Price
Yellow Yarn Ball 500G
Green Yarn Ball 530G
Purple Yarn Ball 560G
Red Yarn Ball 620G
Blue Yarn Ball 930G

  • Colored yarn has no quality, so take this into consideration when throwing high quality yarns into the dye pot.
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