Introductory Line: "So what's your name, eh? ___, you say? Not much of a name.. Me? I'm the blacksmith around here. Sheng's my name and it's a mighty good name, too! And you better not say anything about my outfit! Don't insult panda power!"

"Morning, ___. Want to do some panda exercises with me?"

"Morning, ___. Got big plans today?"

"Morning. *yawn* Just like pandas, I'm a little sluggish in the morning."

"Oh, it's you, ___. Not now, not now. I'm thinking about pandas."

"Hello, ___. Whenever I see your face, I think of delicious crops!"

"Look at the time, ___. Be off home now!"

"Evening. I'm feeling sleepy. You can wait till tomorrow."


"Look at all the bamboo around here! Panda chow!"

"Eileen has potential as an artisan. She'd be worth teaching."

You live in Bluebell: "Tell you what, ____... move to this village, and you'll see pandas every day."

Visiting Bluebell: "It's nothing like Konohana around here. And no pandas!"

Going through the tunnel:

  • "Now that the tunnel's done, people from Bluebell will come see the panda! That's tremendous! Don't you agree,___?"
  • "Guess I'll head home. It's a snap now that the tunnel's done."

Complete a request: "Thanks again for the help. I'll see you later."

When shown a blue feather: "You're thinking about getting married? Aren't you a little young for that? Well, as long as youre sure it's love, I wish you the best of luck."

During a typhoon: "Hmmm. Will the pandas be safe? This wind isn't messing around."

After a typhoon: "Weather like yesterdays's is no good for my tools. I better tend to them."

Snowstorm: "Will the pandas be okay in all this snow? I hope it doesn't get buried."

Flower Quotes

One flower: "What now? I'm trying to think! Talk to me later."

Three flowers: "How can pandas be so unbelievably cute? Tell me, eh, ___?"

Four flowers: "Pandas climb trees, but are no good at climbing down. It's part of their cuteness."

Five flowers: "Newborn pandas are awfully small. It's amazing how big they grow to be."


Liked Gift: "How did you figure out what I like? Thanks!"

Neutral: "You're a thoughtful one, eh? I accept your gift."

Disliked: "What are you giving me this for? Are you pulling my leg?"

Birthday Gift:

  • Neutral Gift: "A birthday present, eh? Seems pretty nice. I'll take it, and thanks."


Cooking Festival

  • You live in Konohana and win: "The judge for the Cooking Festival really knows food. Winning it is impressive!"
  • You live in Konohana and lose: "Why'd we lose the cooking Fesival? Not enough gumption, eh?"

Flower Festival

"For me, eh? Don't get one of these too often. Thanks!"

Crop Festival

  • Lose: "Unless you put your passion into it, you won't win."

Snow Festival

  • "That was amazing, wasn't it?"
  • "The arts build character! Not as much as blacksmithing though."
  • "Well I don't mind festivals like that now and again! The arts are important!"

Before a Festival Starts:

"How could the Festival be fun when there won't be any pandas there...?"

Festival End

  • "It's all over. Good work."

You live in Bluebell and come over on a festival day: "Want to be part of this festival, eh, ___? Move to Konohana then."

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