Silk Worms are an animal in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

They are the last coop animal to be unlocked, requiring the largest coop to be built before appearing for sale at Horn Ranch. A maximum of four silkworms can be owned at any one time.

They have the shortest life span of any farm animal. 


Each day you must handfeed silk worms birdseed, as silkworms can never leave the barn to graze outdoors. A healthy worm produces silk every 4 days. The quality of the silk depends on your affection with it and its health.

Silkworms may not be brushed or picked up, but can be pet to raise affection. Silkworms can't be bred.


A healthy silkworm produces silk every 4 days and your affection and their health determine the silks quality.


Quality Shipping Price
Decent 660G
Good 990G
Perfect 1320G
Shining 1980G
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