• "It is good if you go to rest at tea shop if you are thirsty... Drink it."


  • "On sunny days, it is warm... I like because it feels good."


  • Best: "My favorite food. Fruits, a lot of entering... Arin ga. Eat well."
  • Better: "This is my favorite thing. Do you really want to give it to me? Well then... mahalo."
  • Liked: "I like these. It's really for me? I'll take it, then. ...Mahalo."
  • Neutral: "This, for me? If this is to say to me, I will get it."
  • Dislike: "I hate this... For the next time, I do not need it."
  • Hate: "Let Ludus open."
  • Worst: "Carrots are huge. I hate the combination of carrot and sugar... For the next time, I don't need it."
  • Birthday Present: "I got a birthday present, nice things... Happy."


  • Lover Pendant: "[Name], when you take out the pendant. Actually, I was very excited. Didn't I notice?"
  • Proposal Blue Feather: "I was very happy when I was shown a blue feather. But I do not want this if it is a different pair... I was careful not to put it on the face."
  • Engagement: "I, at least become [name]'s bride..."
  • Marriage 00: "From now on living with [name]... something, I do not get used to it yet."
  • Marriage 01: "Still hungry, not at all inconspicuous. I want to see a baby soon."
  • Marriage 02: "I sing a song for my baby every night. It would be nice to be a song for our child. It should be a healthy one."
  • Marriage 03: "In preparation for childbirth, I and Iluka prepare them in various ways. Both of us are too busy... When a baby is born, they feel like crying first."


  • Childbirth (Married to Siluka): "I'm glad that the baby was born safely... I did a good job."
  • Male (not married to Siluka)/Female: "[Name], the birth worked really well. It was nice to be born safely..."
  • "Congratulations on giving birth. It was nice to be born safely."
  • "[Child] is always pretty good... Because I sleep a lot, it will not work at all and it will be handy. I wonder if it resembles me..."
  • "When the child starts to crawl, I am interested in various things and move around. Everyone said that. It's hard to crawl so fast that speed comes up... I am amazed at how baby's energy is."
  • "When [child] was born it was so small... It is already bigger than this... in between."
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