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Sky is a blue Harvest Sprite, one of the Koropokkur in Doraemon: Story of Seasons. They will help you start at 6AM~13PM for 2 days and their heart will decrease every time you ask for help. The more heart they have, the more days they willingly to help you, but the less heart they have most likely they do not want to help you at all. Sky will help Noby feeding chickens.

Koropokkur event

Chapter 4 "Found Sky!"

  • First trigger Koropokkur Chapter 1 "Koropokkur"
  • Go to Sandy's Bedroom


  • Koro-pok-guru, also written Koro-pok-kuru, korobokkuru, or koropokkur, are a race of small people in folklore of the Ainu people of the northern Japanese islands. (source: Wikipedia)
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