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Souffle Farm is the crop farm of Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. It sells seeds for vegetables and flowers, saplings and produce.

You will work there while your house is being built. Ruth, Craig, Taylor, and Anissa all live and work here, except Taylor does not move in until the first rainbow and Anissa will move out after marriage.

  • Closed on Saturday and Holidays
  • Shop Hours: 7:00AM - 5:00PM.

Spring Stock

Seed Type Price Grow Time (Poor Soil)
Turnip Seeds 60G 6 Days
Breadfruit Seeds 210G 9 Days
Cabbage Seeds 135G 9 Days
Potato Seeds 75G 4 Days
Strawberry Seeds 600G 13 Days
Lavender Seeds 60G 6 Days
Tulip 90G 8 Days
Moondrop Seeds 70G 6 Days
Spring Bag 150G Grows Randomly

Summer Stock

Seed Type Price Grow Time (Poor Soil)
Watermelon Seeds 450G 9 Days
Onion Seeds 75G 5 Days
Corn Seeds 210G 11 Days
Tomato Seeds 225G 7 Days
Melon Seeds 735G
Sunflower Seeds 75G 9 Days
Pansy Seeds 60G
Pink Cat Mint Seeds 60G
Summer Bag 150G Grows Randomly

Fall Stock

Seed Type Price Grow Time
Pumpkin Seeds 195G
Sweet Potato Seeds 135G
Spinach Seeds 75G
Eggplant Seeds 285G
Rice Seeds 120G
Cosmos Seeds 75G
Bluebell Seeds 75G
Blue Mist Seeds 525G
Fall Bag 150G

Winter Stock

Seed Type Price Grow Time
Buckwheat Seeds 150G
Anemone Seeds 90G
Snowdrop Seeds 150G
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