Spirit Festival HM64

The Spirit Festival is a festival in Harvest Moon 64.

It is held on the 27th of Winter to celebrate the warding off of evil spirits from village. It is held in the Village Square; the Harvest King of that year chooses three people to perform a ceremony performance.

During the first year, if the player has become good friends with the Potion Shop Dealer (who is the current King), the Dealer will come by the player's farm the day before and ask them to participate. The player will play the ocarina if they purchased it from Saibara. If they don't have it, the player will ring a bell.

If the player is the Harvest King, they can choose two of the bachelors and a bachelorette to participate in the festival later in the year they become King. The bachelors will each play the ocarina, and the bachelorette will use a unique talent as part of the performance (example: Karen will dance, Maria will sing).


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