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Spring Farm is a store that sells seeds in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

The shop is run by Liz and her daughter Nina. Liz sells seeds for crops, flowers and trees. Her inventory changes every month.


All Seasons

Inventory Cost
Grass Seed 50G
Mora Seedling 300G
Chestnut Seedling 350G
Orange Seedling 360G
Grape Seedling 370G
Apple Seedling 380G
Evergreen Seedling 200G
Fertilizer 150G
Potato 150G
Breadfruit 230G
Corn 300G
Onion 180G
Cocoa 315G
Pumpkin 325G
Bell Pepper 135G
Carrot 205G
Spinach 240G


Inventory Cost
Turnip Seed 20G
Potato Seed 30G
Cabbage Seed 40G
Breadfruit Seed 60G
Grass Seed 50G
Spring Seed Pouch 60G
Moondrop Flower Seed 20G
Green Herb Seed 20G


Inventory Cost
Tomato Seed 50G
Corn Seed 40G
Onion Seed 20G
Cocoa Seed 50G
Summer Seed Pouch 60G
Pinkcat Flower Seed 20G


Inventory Cost
Eggplant Seed 40G
Pumpkin Seed 70G
Yam Seed 30G
Bell Pepper Seed 40G
Carrot Seed 40G
Spinach Seed 40G
Fall Seed Pouch 60G
Orange Herb Seed 20G
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