Harvest Moon Fomt lvl 255 in mine

Harvest Moon Fomt lvl 255 in mine

Level 255 of the Spring Mine.

The Spring Mine is one of the two mines available in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. It is located southwest of your farm, just above the hot spring. The Spring Mine is accessible all year round, unlike the Lake Mine.

The Spring Mine holds the essential ores for the upgrading of your tools to more powerful versions, such as Silver and Gold, as well as more valuable ores that allow you to create makers or accessories. The ores inside can also be shipped to provide an extra source of income at the start of the game.

There are also a variety of special items found in the mine such as a power berry, Teleport Stone, Mythic Stones, a Goddess Gem and Goddess Jewels

Mineable Items


Item Name Floor Found Cost

Floor 10 and lower.

50 G
Copper All floors 15 G
Silver All floors. 20 G
Gold  Floor 3 and lower. 25 G
Junk Ore All floors. 1 G
Mystrile Floor 6 and lower 40 G
Orichalcum Floor 10 and lower. 50 G

Special Items

Item Name Floor Found Notes
Power Berry Floor 100 only. Dug up with hoe
French Fries Recipe Floor 255 only. Dug up with hoe
Goddess Jewel Floors 60, 102, 123, 152, 155. 171, 190. 202, 222. Must have the shelf from the TV shopping network before the gems will start appearing. 
Goddess Gem - Receive after collecting all 9 Goddess Jewels.
Mythic Stones Floor 60 and below (More common on Goddess Jewel floors) Can only be found after finding the cursed tools and having them blessed or winning the rock paper scissors game around 40-49 times in the town cottage.
Teleport Stone Floor 255. Available after the third year only. 


  • It is advisable to bring a basket along, to save space in your rucksack. This will ensure that you will not only be able to make more profit, but that you will also be able to make it further into the mine.
  • Bring a Turbojolt and Bodigizer if possible to help with your fatigue and stamina levels. A Turbojolt XL or Bodigizer XL will help even more. If available, Elli Leaves are also a great way to help with fatigue and stamina. 
  • Saving before entering a floor and reloading if you don't get the items you want is a great way to save on energy. It is also useful to prevent you getting stuck for not being able to find stairs going to the next lower level.
  • You cannot find black grass from floor 101 to 250. It is best to use the save-reload method to save any recovery items you have if you are going for the teleport stone, goddess jewels, or mythic stones.
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