Sprout Island is a location in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.

One of the starting islands. It is attached to Verdure Island. Many villagers live on this eastern island. There will usually be items to forage along the beach and plenty of areas to fish.


Carol's Inn

Village Inn run by the minor villager Carol. The inn is located on the left side of the island nearest the bridge along the top row.The inn has 5 rooms reserved for guests: Lily is located on the back wall by the fountain, Chelsea/Mark is next to Lily.

Regis' Mansion

Located to the right of the inn, this mansion is very large. Regis is the president of a mining company and his office and papers cover most of the first floor. During the day, Sabrina and Regis will usually be on the first floor if they are at home. At night, they can be found on the upper floor. Regis will be in the kitchen (with Will if he is available), and Sabrina will be in her bedroom. 

Denny's Shack

Located to the right of the mansion. The house will be locked from 6:00am to 8:00am while Denny is out fishing.

Will's Yacht/Dock

There is a dock on the right side of the island. Initially this will just be a dock. After Volcano Island is raised, Will will come to the island. His Yacht will be docked at the end of the dock.

Haila's Cafa

Located below the inn on the left side of the road. The player can find food here that is focused on adding strength. Giving Haila food is required to unlock recipes and a Sun Stone.

Lanna's House

To the right of the road in the middle of the island, above Gannon's shop. 

Martin's House

Last house on the left side of the island. 

Gannon's Shop

Across the road from Martin's House. The shop will be open from 6:00 am and 10:00 pm and closed on Sunday. Gannon lives here with his daughter Eliza. 

Sun Stones

There are 2 Sun Stones that can be found on Sprout Island:

  1. Examine the well between Martin and Gannon's homes.
  2. On Will's yacht, examine the barrels at the front of the ship.
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