Stamina is another statistic in Harvest Moon 64.

Stamina is how much energy Pete has to do actions.  At the beginning of the game, his Stamina is only at 100 points, but after finding and consuming each Power Nut, this total increases to a maximum of 250.  Stamina is consumed by using Tools, and if Pete falls to the ground after attempting to use a tool, it means that his stamina has reached 0. (Please note that just because it is at 0, does not mean that Pete will be sick the next day. Sickness is determined by Fatigue.


Harvest Moon 64 Perfect Walkthrough - How Jack's Stamina Works

A more in-depth video regarding how Pete's Stamina works.

Restoring Stamina

Eating and drinking different items restores stamina a small amount with the greatest effectors being:

  • Cake (+20 Stamina)
  • Cookies (+20 Stamina)
  • Berry of Full Moon Plant (+20 Stamina)
  • Pie (+20 Stamina)
  • Large Fish (+16 Stamina)
  • Strawberries (+12 Stamina)
  • Corn (+10 Stamina)
  • Potato (+10 Stamina)

Making an offering to the Harvest Goddess and selecting 'Strength' restores your stamina to the maximum. Manually going to sleep also restores stamina to the maximum, but not going to sleep only restores it +20.

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