The Starry Night Festival is the Winter romantic festival in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. It takes place each year on the 11th day of Winter, in between 6PM and 10PM.

There are no shops at the festival.

Inviting Others

Any marriage candidate (of the opposite sex) who is at 3 hearts or more is eligible to be your date for the festival. You will need to ask them to be your date a day before the festival on the 10th day of Winter. Your date will then meet you at the festival for 7:00PM on the 11th - don't be late! You can only ask one date, and once you've asked somebody, you cannot change your mind. At 7PM there will be an event that plays as you and your date watch the stars. The trigger spot for the event is on the top of Moon Hill. The event will automatically end at 10PM.

If you are already married, you can meet with your family at the festival. Your spouse will bring any grown up children with them, and will meet you at 7PM for the star viewing event. You do not need to walk with your family to the festival for the event to occur. If you want to get a picture taken by Simon, you will have to bring them with you by taking a walk with them. The event will end at 10PM.

Wishing Upon a Star

As you and your date watch the stars, a shooting star can be seen! You'll be prompted to make a wish. If you make your wish quickly, it might come true!

A mini-game will pop up, which will explain that you must make a wish 3 times for it to come true. Be quick though, as the options will only pop up on screen for about two to three seconds before changing, and you have to pick the same wish three times in a row. There are 5 options to choose from, and each time the options appear on screen, they are scrambled. The 5 wishes are:

  • I want to be popular! (raises affection with your family)
  • I want to be younger! (you will recieve Chocolate Pudding)
  • I want to go diving! (rewarded with a Tarpon, which is a rare King Fish)
  • I want to go to sleep! (will recover all stamina)
  • I want more money! (instantly recieve 1,000G)

If you manage to make your wish three times in a row successfully, you will recieve a reward, depending on what your wish was. If not, you will leave empty handed and the event will end at 10PM.

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