The Starry Night Festival is a recurring romantic festival in the Harvest Moon series. The festival is always accompanied by some cutscenes and events. Starry Night Festival is always on the season of Winter.

Harvest Moon DS

This festival takes place on the 24th of Winter and must be set up on the 23rd of Winter. On that day find the potential spouse with a green heart color or higher. The person will then invite you to have a party with them the following evening.

The GBA connection characters and Keria do not participate in this festival. If you are playing the boy version of HMDS, you will meet Celia at Vesta's house, Flora in the Tent, Muffy at the Blue Bar, Nami at the Inn lobby, and Lumina in her bedroom at the mansion. If you are playing the girl version of HMDS then Carter will be inside the Tent, Griffin at the Bar, Gustafa in his house, Marlin at Vesta's house, and Rock at the Inn. In either version, if you want to party with Leia, Goddess, or the Witch the event will happen at your own house. Enter your farmhouse after 6:00 pm, and then you have to exit your house to start the festival. If you invite Skye then he will also meet you at your house the night of the 24th. You will need to ask him to the festival in the early morning hours of the 23rd when he is in the valley, so you must stay awake on the 22nd and wait until after midnight.

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