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"Please welcome, Woofio the animal trainer!"

Stephanie, also known as the MC (司会者 Shikaisha), is a bachelorette in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.[1]

Although Stephanie was not originally one of the available bachelorettes in the Japanese version of the game, she became one later with a free update. In the English version, she becomes a bachelorette via "The New Neighbor" DLC.

Stephanie will reside in Westown after she has become available to interact with. She will not participate in any Festivals except for Flower Festival and Winter Thanksgiving Festival.

You can have a child with Stephanie and you can get all family events with her, but she doesn't have a spouse exclusive event (that is usually required to be seen before you can get the pregnancy scene) and you can't have meals with her either.


Gift Preferences
Special Cheese Fondue
Loved Grape Wine, Cheese +, Red Cloth +, Black Cloth +, Red Alpaca Cloth +, Black Alpaca Cloth +, Red Rabbit Cloth +, Black Rabbit Cloth +, Red Suffolk Cloth +, Black Suffolk Cloth +, Red Llama Cloth +, Black Llama Cloth +
Liked "You're giving this to me? Thank you! This is really cool."
Tree fruit, Pumpkin, Tomato, Onion, Corn, Sweet Potato, honey, Wasabi, Spinach, Soybean, Maple Branch, Cherry Tree Branch, Coral, green fabrics, blue fabrics, white fabrics, yellow fabrics, silver fabrics, gold fabrics, cheese, wine (except Grape Wine), Pumpkin Salad, Tomato Salad, Soybean Salad, Baked Cheese, Baked Sweet Potato
Neutral All other items not listed

Mitten Crab Soup


  • Morning: "This is one of my favorite places. Sure, it's a little scary at night, but... going for walks in the morning is amazing."
  • "I've enjoyed being up on stage ever since I was a little kid. That's why I think this is the perfect job for me."
  • "The air's so fresh, and it's really peaceful to be surrounded by so much nature. I totally recommend visiting the pond further in too."
  • At Westown: "Ah, [player]. I was just trying to figure out what I wanted to eat at Garden Grill. Everything's so delicious, but I'm kinda craving a cheese dish... Still, the daily special is hard to resist..."
  • If you are dating someone: "Ah, [player]! I heard you and [marriage candidate] have started dating! Congrats! Take a good care of [them], got it?"
  • While engaged: "I heard all about it, [player]! You're finally sealin' the deal with Wayne! I'd love to be at the ceremony, but I have something I absolutely can't afford to miss... I'm so sorry. I really wanted to go! And so... I was hoping you'd let me give you my blessings here! Good luck, champ!"


  1. 夫のブラッドとともにレストランをきりもりする女性。誰にでも笑顔で明るく、困っている人がいれば放っておけない優しい性格。料理は苦手らしい。普段はブラッドと一緒にレストランにいる。">
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