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Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town (牧場(ぼくじょう)物語(ものがたり) オリーブタウンと希望(きぼう)大地(だいち), Bokujō Monogatari Orību Taun to Kibō no Daichi, lit. Ranch Story: Olive Town and the Land of Hope) is the second game of the Bokujō Monogatari series to be released on the Nintendo Switch, and also the fourth entry to the re-branded Story of Seasons series for international market.


Olive Town. A long time ago, your grandfather pioneered this town with his friends. You heard the story as a child and it inspired you. When you became an adult, you dreamt of living in Olive Town.

Many years after their grandfather founded the pioneering town of Olive Town, the protagonist decides to follow their childhood dream and leave their life in the city behind to move to the town. However, upon arriving there, the protagonist's bike breaks down. Victor greets the protagonist shows him or her to the old farm.

Chop down trees in order to cultivate your farm and rebuild the farm to its former glory- however the player would like to build it! Along the way, the protagonist can tame wild livestock and discover new, unique places to explore!

Game Information


The game was first announced via a short trailer in both English and Japanese during the Nintendo Direct Mini on October 28, 2020.


  • The return of the best friends system, with all characters and both genders.
  • The appearance of the protagonist may be completely customized by changing hair, skin tone, eyes, voice type, and clothing.
  • Easy and normal modes may be chosen to play.
  • Clear the land and build and decorate your farm how you want!



Let me show you a photo!

In-game when online You may see pictures of other players. You can also upload your proud photos taken with the in-game camera function Let other players see it!





Villagers & Special Characters

DLC Characters



Preorder Bonuses: Japan

Japan has a total of 16 preorder bonuses that can be obtained by ordering from various different retailers.

North America


North American preorders have the option to be premium or standard. Premium contains:

  • Illustrated Box
  • 2.5" x 4" Buffy the Buffalo Plushie
  • 13.5” x 24” Cloth Poster



European orders have the option to be standard or deluxe edition. European preorders also contain a Buffy the buffalo plush.

  • NSW Game
  • A5 Notebook
  • 10x Trading Cards
  • A3 Poster
  • Collector's Box



Chinese and Korean orders come with a unique outfit for your character.

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