Harvest Moon Stray Dog

Player fighting off stray dog

The stray dog is a dog that comes to your farm during the night to scare your animals.

There is a chance that the dog will come to your farm after 6:00pm if you are there. If you are not at your farm, the dog will not come until you return to your farm.

If you do not deal with it correctly and your animals are outside it will bark at them, causing them to loose affection and become upset.

Fighting off the dog

You can use your axe,sickle, hoe or hammer to hit the dog, scaring it. After hitting the dog multiple times, the dog will have a bubble containing a sweat drop, and will walk off your farm. While you can hit the dog in the direction you are facing, you cannot hit the dog off your farm. You do not need to wait for the dog's "!" to go away before you can hit it again. If your dog has become an adult, it can help you fight off the stray dog.

BE CAREFUL! It is possible to scare your own dog by hitting it with your tools.

After the stray dog has left, it will not go back for the night.


There are several ways to prevent the stray dog from being able to harm your animals.

  • Have a fence two layers thick. The most common method is to have a layer of fencing, a gap and then another layer of fencing. This is so you can jump over the layers without having to move them each time you wish to enter the area. If you have only one layer of fencing this will protect the animals to a degree, but the dog will still be able to bark at them - making them loose affection. Also whilst you can use the small stones to build your fences they will not keep the dog out; it walks straight between them and it offers no protection for your animals.
  • Don't go out after 6. As the dog only appears after 6pm if you are in your house before that time each evening the dog will not appear and therefore there will be no risk to your animals. However this does mean only a small window of opportunity to carry out tasks and will probably result in much having to be left undone.
  • Keep your animals inside. Probably the easiest method, and the most cost effective as you will not need to use up your lumber to make and maintain your fences, as long as you grow your own fodder and chicken feed.
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