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This is a Style Manual for editors of the Harvest Moon Wiki.

When using a Wiki and having many different contributors at once, inevitably, articles can be written in many different ways. To help prevent arguments about how the Wiki should be run, these guidelines have been devised to help keep things organized and inform Wiki contributors on how to layout certain things.

Feedback is encouraged on the talk page.


Pictures are an important feature in any article. When adding pictures be sure that:

  • The picture is actually either from the game or an official picture. Fan art may infringe on copyright and is somebody's original work. If it is your original work, please state it so that we have your permission to use it on the wiki.
    • Personal pictures of yourself or of something unrelated to Harvest Moon should not be uploaded to pages on the wiki. These pictures should be used in blogs or on your own personal profile page. When added, they should also have the category 'misc pictures'.
  • When adding photos to this wiki, please do not upload them with no intent of using them. This creates duplicated photos and spams the picture section with unnecessary photos. Unused and uncategorized photos may be deleted or go unnoticed.
  • Make sure that the name is appropriate to the picture. For example, if you upload a picture of Nami the picture's name shouldn't be svjgfvasdkhfhgaksdbgakjsdkj.png, it should be Nami.png, or something similar (Like Nami2.png.) This makes the photo easier to search and makes it relevant. This ensures that duplicates are harder to upload.
  • All pictures added should be put into categories. A picture of Allen should be categorized under A New Beginning Character Pictures or something similar.
    • As a general rule of thumb, picture categories should be the name of the game followed by either Character Pictures (Official artwork depicting a character), Portraits (In game character sprites), Screenshots (Screenshots from a game), or Images (Other images, such as thumbnails or animal art)
  • If the picture doesn't have a caption it shouldn't be a thumb image.
  • Please make any screenshots that are uploaded good quality images that are visible.

Editing Pictures

Colour was changed to yellow.

Please use a cutting tool to crop the image as small as possible. Here is a good site for something like this. There is an example of a picture with too much trim on the right:

Please change the color of the picture's background to either white, or transparent unless the file is a screenshot. The HEX code for white is #ffffff. Here is a good page to use.


Galleries are generally their own page. With the only exceptions being if it is small spin-off type game where not much information can be added or the gallery has less than five images in it. In this case, galleries should always be at the bottom of the page under one heading. The gallery should be 250px, centered, with medium spacing.

Use the following format for gallery pages:

<gallery widths="225" position="center" spacing="small">
== Artwork ==

== Sprites ==



Article Layout

  • An article begins with a short description of the article, with its title in bold. Games titles are in italics and linked. They should all start with the same format.

For example, the page for Muffy from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life would be:

Do not add personal opinions to the pages - e.g. adding to a page that a character is ugly or similar. This does not contribute anything to the information on the Wiki, counts as spam and will be removed.

Game Pages

  • Game pages will be set out in this way:
  • Infobox
  • Introduction [brief description of the game]
  • Plot [how the story of the game is set up before gameplay begins].
  • Gameplay/New Features [the goals of the game, and is a heading for the following links on aspects of the game]
  • Setting [Where the game is set, list of locations. If possible, the different places should have their own pages]
  • Marriage
  • Marriage Candidates
  • Rival Marriage/Children
  • Children
  • Others [links to relevant pages]
  • References
  • Nav box that includes all of the Harvest Moon games in the franchise.
    {{Harvest Moon}}
  • Add Categories
  • Game Category [e.g. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town page in the Friends of Mineral Town category]
  • System

Game Pages Guidelines

  • In the 'Plot' section, refer to the main character as 'the player', or by gender instead. When talking about things that the game player can do (e.g. "the game player can befriend Won"), using 'you' instead is also acceptable.
  • Please try and use the 'main' template when possible. This will allow you to put a link on the page that will bring users to a more detailed page on that topic. This will allow us to have summaries on the game pages, which eliminates the length of a page and makes it look tidier. The main template:
    {{Main|page name here}}

Character Pages

{{Infobox Character
|name                        =
|image                       =
|description                 =
|town                        =
|birthday                    =
|age                         =
|height                      =
|weight                      =
|liked animals               =
|disliked animals            =
|liked outfit                =
|liked decoration            =
|liked product               =
|family                      =
|wrapping paper color        =
|rival                       =
|wife lunches                =
|unlock by                   =
|move out when               =
|extra marriage requirements =
|event path                  =
|seiyu                       =
|appearances                 =
}}{{Youmay|Kai, a character from [[Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town]]|[[Kai]] in his other appearances throughout the series}}
'''{{PAGENamE}}''' () is a [[:Category:Bachelorettes (HM)|bachelorette]] in ''[[Harvest Moon]]''. 
{{Infobox Gift
|specialresponse  =
|lovedresponse    =
|likedresponse    =
|neutralresponse  =
|dislikedresponse =
|hatedresponse    =
|horrorresponse   =
|special          =
|loved            =
|liked            =
|neutral          =
|disliked         =
|hated            =
|horror           =
===Rival Events===
===Random Events===
===Heart Events===


Character Nav Boxes are still being created, but the existing ones are in character templates. Character Nav Boxes are used to link character pages in a specific game to those of the same game.

Character pages are set out thus:

  • Character info box, including picture.
    {{Infobox Character}}
  • Short description of character - this does NOT need to be in a separate category. It can be typed to be placed on the side of the info box. See example here.
  • Schedule - this may be added if there is a specific schedule that a character follows. This is not necessary, but may be helpful to some players if there is a concrete schedule. This can also include a person's favorite places or places that they may be found if a concrete schedule is not able to be founded. Schedules (when possible) should be in a neat and organized table. Examples can be seen here and here.
  • Gifts - what it is that a character likes, dislikes, and loves. Use the template below.
    {{Infobox Gift}}
  • Unlocking a Character - There is a spot on this for the character template. However, if a longer and more detailed description is required, then a spot on the article with the details is acceptable. Generally speaking, this category is not used, and is included in the short character description. 
  • Marriage Requirements - only applies to bachelors and bachelorettes.
  • Heart Events - this will help other players looking at a page with the specific bachelor or bachelorette in their own game. Only applies to bachelors and bachelorettes.
  • Rival Heart Events - same as above, only applies to bachelors and bachelorettes. An example of how heart events should be laid out (in terms of formatting) can be seen here.
  • Other Events - if the character is a bachelor or bachelorette, you could put other random events that they are involved in under this heading. If the character is a regular villager, this is where you would put events that they are involved in under the heading "Events".
  • Dialog List/Quotes - if necessary. For characters with a large quotes list, it can be put into a separate page. A link to the quotes page would then be put onto the main page on a header at the top of the page. See Yuri's page for an example.
  • Anything Extra - extra or miscellaneous information should be placed at the end of an article. This can include a list of festivals that a character is involved in or random facts about a character (Trivia),
  • Gallery - if available/necessary. This can also go into a seperate tab on the top of the page, similar to the dialogue options. 
  • References
  • Nav Box, if any. These are generally templates that have been created for each game. Please visit the template page to find these nav boxes, or see if it already exists on another page.
  • Add appropriate categories.

Game Pages

|title     =
|image     =
|developer =
|publisher =
|released  =
|modes     =
|ratings   =
|platforms =
|genre     =
|media     =
}}'''''Game''''' ({{R|牧|ぼく}}{{R|場|じょう}}{{R|物|もの}}{{R|語|がたり}}, ''Bokujou Monogatari,'' lit. ''Farm Story'') 



==See Also==
{{Harvest Moon}}

Location Pages

|title     =
|image     =
|developer =
|publisher =
|released  =
|modes     =
|ratings   =
|platforms =
|genre     =
|media     =
}}'''''Game''''' ({{R|牧|ボク}}, ''Bokujou,'' lit. ''Ranch'').
==New Features== (if applicable)
==See Also==
{{Harvest Moon}}

Animal Pages

  • Infobox at the top of the page.
  • Description of the animal.
  • Obtaining - talk about how to obtain/unlock, the cost and breeding options.
  • Animal Product - specify what kinds of products the animal produces. Example: cow would produce milk, chicken would produce eggs, etc. In depth detail can be put down about the types of milk/eggs, and what their costs are.
  • Extra information (optional).
  • References
  • Nav box, if any.
  • Add appropriate categories.

Tool/Item Pages

  • Infobox at the top of the page.
  • Information and description. Talk about how to obtain the item, how much it costs, what it's used for, etc.
  • Available upgrades, if any.
  • References
  • Nav Box, if any.
  • Add appropriate categories.


Categories can always be added on the bottom of the page by clicking on the 'add category' button. The Wiki is divided into categories in which the character, item, game, etc. is relevant to. Even if a page is a repeat, it will be categorized in which game it pertains to.

Disambiguation pages do NOT have any other categories with the exception of 'disambiguation' and possibly a character hub category. If an admin sees that any other category has been added, it will be immediately removed. Disambiguation pages are used to group similar characters or items together. Categories should be added to the unique character/item page, not the disambiguation page.

Character pages should have the game that they belong to, and if they are a bachelor or bachelorette. Additionally, you can add NPCs and Character categories, if they are available.

Good Example: You edit Cliff's page from Harvest Moon 64. Categories you would include would be: Harvest Moon 64, HM64 NPCs, HM64 Characters.

Bad Example: You edit Cliff's page from Harvest Moon 64. You add categories such as: Friends of Mineral Town Bachelors, Back to Nature, Sunshine Islands Characters.

Game pages are simple to categorize. They only need the game's name, and the system that they belong to, as well as the "Games" category. Any other category that is not relevant is spam.

Example: Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, Gameboy Advance, Games

Items and Tools should be categorized according to game, and the item or tool mass category may be added if necessary.

Example: Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Tools, Items, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Items

Categorize the same as items/tools.

Example: Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Animals, Animals, Chicken

  • Do not add categories that are unnecessary. This counts as spam and you will be warned.
  • Only include categories that are relevant to the game that you are playing. Although Cliff is a recurring character in Harvest Moon, do not include all the games that he is included in when you put the specific page into categories.
  • If you make a mistake, you can go to the edit button on the top of the page. You can then take out categories by clicking on the trash bin icon when on the edit page.
  • Do not add mass categories such as: Male, Female, Bachelor, or Bachelorette. This creates large categories that are unnecessary, and makes navigation difficult. Again, make it relevant to the game that you're editing the page from. These categories have been removed from the wiki already by the admins, so please do not re add them.


If you added information using a source from another site, then please take the time to reference your source. This gives credit to other people's hard work and helps us avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism it not tolerated on this wiki, and any plagiarized work that has been copy/pasted directly from another site will be automatically removed.

To add a reference, write the information into the article in your own words. After you've finished writing the information in, you can add a reference at the end of your sentence. The reference tags are used like so:

<ref>[website link here Title of website here] site name here</ref>

After you've referenced your work, you'll need to add a 'references' heading at the bottom of the article and add the following tag:


This will showcase your list of references in order at the bottom of the page. People can than click the links you've provided to the sourced information. If you have several references, you may want to consider using a different tag that will showcase your references in rows. This can be done by entering:

{{Reflist|number of rows here}}

Examples of how to properly use references in an article can be found here. A list of websites and FAQ writers who have given us consent to use their content can be found here.

See also