This article is about Sue, a character from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. You may be looking for Sue, a character from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade or Sue, a character from Doraemon: Story of Seasons.
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Sue lives on Toucan island. She owns Pineapple Inn with her husband Samson. Selena is her daughter and Sue is directly involved in her 5 heart request.

She loves to fish and can be seen fishing on Toucan Island most days.



  • "Hello!"
  • "A baby was born to a young couple on Waffle Island? It's always nice to have a newcomer!"
  • The Mother Tree is fully grown: "Maybe I should go see the Mother Tree! That would be fun!"
  • "Having a good time? You gotta enjoy life every day!"
  • "I wouldn't mind dressing to fit seasons... Unfortunately, we only have one here!"
  • Late Fall: "In winter, you turn on a heater because it gets cold inside too, don't you? Hm, I can't imagine it!"
  • "I like it! I'm happy. Thanks!"
  • Ocean Festival: "I'm good at the stone-skipping games! I used to play them a lot with my husband. I'll be the champion for sure!"
  • The Mother Tree grows: "We're catching more fish these days, and there's more and more seagulls around. What's going on?"
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