Sundae Inn is a store in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. During the daytime you can buy food. At night, you can buy drinks from the bar.

The restaurant is open during the day between 9am and 5pm. The Inn will then close for an hour and the bar will open from 6pm until 12am. Sundae Inn is closed on Sundays. Jake, Colleen, Yolanda and Maya work at the Inn during the day time. At night, Hayden, Kathy and Chase work the bar. 

You can work a part-time job during the day by speaking to Colleen, and you can work at the bar in the evening by speaking to Hayden. 

Restaurant Menu

Menu Item Price
Apple Pie 630G
Banana Pudding 840G
Fondue 510G
Mushroom Stir Fry 480G
Omelette 330G
Shark Fin Stew 1530G
Sole Meuniere 630G
Tomato Rice 660G
Veggie Sandwich 390G
Herbal Tea 105G
Hot Chocolate 570G
Milk Tea 405G
Pineapple Juice 405G
Tomato Juice 240G
Veryberry Juice 105G
Warm Milk 330G

Bar Menu

Menu Item Price
Apple Cocktail 345G
Blueberry Cocktail 180G
Buckwheat Cocktail 210G
Coconut Cocktail 495G
Grape Cocktail 300G
Rice Cocktail 345G
Yam Cocktail 285G
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