The Supermarket is a type of location and shop in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

The supermarket sells seeds, food, cooking ingreidents and other items including the Blue Feather. The seed selection will change depending on the season, but if the player decides to build a hothouse, seeds will be sold during all seasons.

Jeff lives in the back of the store with his wife Sasha and their daughter Karen. Jeff is always working during business hours. The supermarket is open from 9am until 5pm and is closed on Sunday, Tuesday and holidays.



Item Cost Notes
Bread 100G
Rice ball 100G
Curry powder 50G
Flour 50G
Oil 50G
Fish food 20G
Blue Feather 1000G Becomes available when a bachelorette's affection is raised to an orange heart.
Medium Rucksack 3000G
Large Rucksack 5000G
Basket 5000G
Wrapping paper 100G


See also: Won's Shop.
For information on Crops, see Crops (BTN).

Spring Seeds

Item Cost Notes
Turnip seeds 120G
Potato seeds 150G
Cucumber seeds 200G
Strawberry seeds 150G Becomes available after shipping 100 Turnips, 100 Potatoes, 100 Cucumbers and 100 Cabbages.[1]
Grass seeds 500G

Summer Seeds

Item Cost Notes
Onion seeds 150G
Tomato seeds 200G
Corn seeds 300G
Pumpkin seeds 500G Becomes available after shipping 100 Onions, 100 Tomatoes, 100 Corn and 100 Pineapples.[2]
Grass seeds 500G

Fall Seeds

Item Cost Notes
Eggplant seeds 120G
Carrot seeds 300G
Sweet potato seeds 300G
Spinach seeds 200G Becomes available after shipping 100 Carrots, 100 Eggplants, 100 Sweet potatoes and 100 Green peppers.[3]
Grass seeds 500G


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