The Supermarket is a shop in Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon DS: Cute.

The Supermarket can be reached via telephone and is open from 9AM until 5PM every day except for Tuesdays and holidays. Karen runs the store and sells seasonal seeds, items and food.

By calling and purchasing something from the Supermarket for 10 days, you will unlock Channel 2 of the Sprite Station.



Item Cost Season
Turnip Seeds 120G Spring
Potato Seeds 150G Spring
Cucumber Seeds 200G Spring
Strawberry Seeds


Tomato Seeds 200G Summer
Corn Seeds 300G Summer
Onion Seeds 150G Summer
Pumpkin Seeds 500G Summer
Eggplant Seeds 120G Fall
Carrot Seeds 300G Fall
Yam Seeds 300G Fall
Spinach Seeds 200G Fall
Grass Seeds


Spring, Summer, Fall


Item Cost Notes
Riceballs 100G
Bread 100G
Oil 50G


Curry Powder 50G
Dumpling Powder 100G
Chocolate 100G
Wine 300G
Grape Juice 200G
Basket 5000G
Rucksack Upgrade 1 2000G
Rucksack Upgrade 2 3000G First upgraded needed
Blue Feather 1000G Not available until marriage requirements met
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