The Supermarket is one of the shops in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

Jeff is the owner of the store, and is always hard at work. His wife Sasha is the co owner but never works, and their daughter, Karen, also lives here but is rarely seen working. The store features a back room that will be locked unless you befriend Jeff. This is where the family lives and Sasha and Karen can be seen here during the day if they are not at the store front or outside in the town.

The Supermarket is open from 9AM - 5PM except for Tuesdays and Sundays. If you befriend Jeff, the Supermarket will be open from 8AM-6PM. Like many of the other businesses in town, the store is closed on holidays as well. The Supermarket sells many useful items, many of which are crucial to the progression of your game.

Items Sold

One of the first things you will purchase from the Supermarket, or even in the game, are seeds. Jeff is one of the two merchants in the game that you can buy seeds from.

Unlike Won, the other seed merchant, Jeff's seeds are sold seasonally, meaning they are only sold during the season in which they can grow.


Seeds Cost Season Sold
Turnip 120 G Spring
Potato 150 G Spring
Cucumber 200 G Spring
Strawberry 150 G


Tomato 200 G Summer
Corn 300 G Summer
Onion 150 G Summer
Pumpkin 500 G Summer*
Eggplant 120 G Fall
Carrot 300 G Fall
Sweet Potato 300 G Fall
Spinach 200 G Fall*
Grass 500 G All seasons except winter
  • = Special seeds. Jeff only sells these when you have shipped 100 of each of the other seasonal crops (e.g. ship 100 eggplants, 100 carrots and 100 sweet potatoes, and Jeff will begin selling spinach seeds).


Jeff sells rucksack enlargements, and a basket that can hold 30 shippable goods at a time.

Item Cost
Rucksack (5 slots, including hands) 3000 G
Rucksack (9 slots, including hands) 5000 G
Basket (Holds 30 shippable items; unretrievable once put in) 5000 G


These items can be used to cook, or just given as gifts to townspeople (and Harvest Sprites).

Item Cost
Bread 100 G
Rice Balls 100 G
Curry Powder 50 G
Flour 50 G
Oil 50 G
Chocolate 100 G
Muffin Mix 100 G


You can buy the Blue Feather here for 5000 G; it will appear for sale once you have gotten a girl to an orange heart level.

You can also wrap gifts for 100 G, which makes the gift slightly more presentable and liked by the recipient.

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