Once you complete Act 1 and your farm is restored, you have access to the Synthesis Station. The following page lists all possible combinations to obtain items. Anything not listed, has junk results. In here you can take two random items and combine them to make one new item.


When combined these will generally create food.

Item 1 + Item 2 = Result
Clingy Potato Clingy Potato Potato Potage
Clingy Potato Nectarous Potato Hot Potato
Clingy Potato Ballistic Carrot Cream Stew
Clingy Potato Tree Broccoli Green Soup
Clingy Potato Sumoo Milk Milky Risotto
Clingy Potato Cuckotte Egg Omelette
Ballistic Carrot Ballistic Carrot Carrot Glace
Ballistic Carrot Tree Broccoli Prince Salad
Ballistic Carrot Mathieu Orange Carrot Glace
Ballistic carrot Cuckotte Egg Vegetable Flan
Tree Broccoli Tree Broccoli
Tree Broccoli Frosty Nappa Cabbage Vegetable Brine
Tree Broccoli Cuckotte Egg Egg Salad
Frosty Napa Cabbage Frosty Napa Cabbage Pickled Napa Cabbage
Mathieu Orange Mathieu Orange Orange Juice
Mathieu Orange Bewitching Peach Fruit Jelly Candy
Mathieu Orange Sumoo Milk Fruit-Flavored Milk
Bewitching Peach Bewitching Peach Peach Nectar
Bewitching Peach Sumoo Milk Fruit-Flavored Milk
Sumoo Milk Sumoo Milk Hot Milk
Sumoo Milk Cuckotte Egg Rolled Egg
Cuckotte Egg Cuckotte Egg Rolled Egg


When combined these will generally make other stones or equipment.

Item 1+ Item 2= Result
Scrap Stone Scrap Stone Scrappy Stone
Scrap Stone Scrappy Stone Sootstone
Scrap Stone Chalkstone Sootstone
Scrap Stone Galaria Stone Warm Cloak
Scrap Stone Crescent Moonstone Sootstone
Scrap Stone Illusory Crystal Sootstone
Scrap Stone Prajna Stone Sootstone
Scrap Stone Trusty Sapphire Adventurer's Shoes
Scrap Stone Bellyfire Ruby Sootstone
Scrap Stone Soft Copper Sootstone
Scrap Stone Glittering Gold Sootstone
Scrap Stone Sootstone Sootstone
Scrappy Stone Scrappy Stone Chalkstone
Scrappy Stone Chalkstone Charm Bracelet
Scrappy Stone Galaria Stone Sootstone
Scrappy Stone Crescent Moonstone Crescent Moon Sword
Scrappy Stone Illusory Crystal Crystlline Medal
Scrappy Stone Prajna Stone Fortune Star
Scrappy Stone Glittering Gold Fashionable shoes
Scrappy Stone Sootstone Sootstone
Scrappy Stone Illusory Crystal Crystalline Medal
Chalkstone Galaria Stone Rattling Ring
Chalkstone Crescent Moonstone Crescent Moon Sword
Chalkstone Prajna Stone Sootstone
Chalkstone Trusty Sapphire
Chalkstone Bellyfire Ruby Sootstone
Chalkstone Soft Copper Sootstone
Chalkstone Glittering Gold
Chalkstone Sootstone Sootstone
Galaria Stone Galaria Stone Crescent Moonstone
Galaria Stone Crescent Moonstone Sootstone
Galaria Stone Prajna Stone Sootstone
Galaria Stone Trusty Sapphire
Galaria Stone Bellyfire Ruby Crimson Knuckles
Galaria Stone Soft Copper Bladebane cloak
Galaria Stone Glittering Gold
Galaria Stone Sootstone Sootstone
Crescent Moonstone Crescent Moonstone Illusory Crystal
Crescent Moonstone Prajna Stone Sootstone
Crescent Moonstone Trusty Sapphire
Crescent Moonstone Bellyfire Ruby Sootstone
Crescent Moonstone Soft Copper Sootstone
Crescent Moonstone Glittering gold
Crescent Moonstone Sootstone Sootstone
Sootstone Sootstone Sootstone


When combined these make various items.

Item 1+ Item 2= Result
Tree Nut Magical Mushroom Sootstone
Tree Nut Honey Honey Nut
Tree Nut Aromatic Char-Fry Sootstone
Tree Nut Miracle Water Sootstone
Tree Nut Pointy Fang Sootstone
Tree Nut Pretty Fragrant Shiny Charm Bracelet
Magical Mushroom Magical Mushroom Sootstone
Magical Mushroom Honey Sootstone
Magical Mushroom Aromatic Char-Fry Sootstone
Magical Mushroon Miracle Water Sootstone
Magical Mushroom Pointy Fang Prickler Charm
Magical Mushroom Pretty Fragrant Sootstone
Honey Honey Sootstone
Honey Aromatic Char-Fry Sootstone
Honey Miracle Water
Honey Pointy Fang Sootstone
Honey Pretty Fragment Sootstone
Aromatic Char-Fry Aromatic Char-Fry Sootstone
Aromatic Char-Fry Miracle Water Sootstone
Aromatic Char-Fry Pointy Fang Sootstone
Aromatic Char-Fry Pretty Fragment Sootstone
Miracle Water Pointy Fang Marrow Juice
Miracle Water Pretty Fragment Sootstone
Pointy Fang Pointy Fang Sootstone
Pointy Fang Pretty Fragment Sootstone
Pretty Fragment Pretty Fragment Sootstone


Anything mixed between material types that does not form an item will result in ‘Junk’ being formed.

Item 1+ Item 2= Result
Scrap Stone Pointy Fang Animal Shoes
Scrap Stone Pretty Fragment Animal Shoes
Sootstone Pointy Fang Scrappy Stone
Sootstone Pretty Fragment Chalkstone
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