TV Shopping is a channel on your TV once you upgrade your house for the first time in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

It is used primarily to buy cooking appliances and utensils for your new kitchen. The show only airs once every Saturday and you must phone in your order at the Inn (10G phone fee) before next week. If the Saturday in question is a holiday you will not be able to order that day.

To order the cooking applicances and utensils on a holiday. Make sure you watch the TV Shopping Network on that day, and live the rest of the week as normal until the next saturday. On the next saturday, do not watch TV in the morning. Instead, go directly to the Inn when it opens and the phone should work with the previous week's offer. You can then place an order. Afterwards, go back to your house and watch the TV Shopping Network with the current week's offer. You'll then be able to go back to the inn to order the current week's offer. That way, you'll have two orders delivered in the same week.

All your orders will be delivered by Zack the following Tuesday (or Wednesday if Tuesday is a holiday). If you order two items in the same week, you will need to reenter and exit your house again to have him deliver the second item. The following are what is able to be ordered on TV Shopping (in order):

Tool Cost
Knife 3,000G
Frying Pan 2,500G
Pot 2,000G
Mixer 2,500G
Whisk 1,000G
Rolling Pin 1,500G
Oven 5,000G
Seasonings Set 5,000G
Power Berry 5,000G
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