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This article is about Tabitha, a character from Light of Hope. You may be looking for Tabitha in her other appearances throughout the series.
"Oh, human! As a reward for fixing my house, I can turn you into a frog!"

Tabitha is a bachelorette in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

She is an apprentice witch, training under Edmond. She can give hints to what people like.


Gift Preferences
Special Grapefruit
Loved poinsettias, fruit, seashells
Liked crops, bamboo shoots
Disliked  ???
Hated Cabbage

Note Events

Note Event 1

Tabitha's Home / Any Time / Any Weather

  • It's probably just coincidence. +FP (Best Answer)
  • Can you really tell?
  • You spent 10 years...on this?

Note Event 2

Tabitha's home at 6 pm, any weather

  • You must study hard… | + FP (Best Answer)
  • You actually study all this? | + FP
  • I didn't know you were so studious… | + FP

Note Event 3

town area after 10 am , sunny day

  • You sure are close with him. | + FP
  • I'm starting to get jealous. | + FP
  • I'm gonna turn you into a frog. | + FP

Note Event 4 Tabitha's home, any weather

Note Event 5

Tabitha's Requests

NO. Name Requested Items Reward
1 Antics 1 Glass Material x1 Yellow Tulip Seeds x5, White Tulip Seeds x5
2 Antics 2 Glass Material x2 Yellow Dahlia Seeds x5, White Dahlia Seeds x5
3 Antics 3 Glass Material x5 Great Animal Feed x20
4 Antics 4 Agate Ore x2 Great Animal Feed x30
5 Antics 5 Crystal Ore x2 Fertilizer x10, Celery Blend x1-
6 Antics 6 Crystal Ore x4 Fertilizer x10, Pepper Blend x10
7 Antics 7 Opal Ore x2 Purple Pansy Seeds x20
8 Antics 8 Moonstore Ore x2 Delicious Animal Feed x20
9 Antics 9 Sapphire Ore x1 Groth Promoter Ex x10
10 Antics 10 Diamond Ore x1 Miracle Potion x2
11 Spring Antics 1 Agate x2 Delicious Animal Feed x10
12 Spring Antics 2 Pink Diamond x1 Retention Agent Super x10
13 Summer Antics 1 Jade x2 Delicious Animal Feed x10
14 Summer Antics 2 Peridot x1 Growth Promoter Super x10
15 Fall Antics 1 Moonstone x2 Delicious Animal Feed x10
16 Fall Antics 2 Ruby x1 Retention Agent Super x10
17 Winter Antics 1 Flourite x2 Delicious Animal Feed x10
18 Winter Antics 2 Sapphire x1 Growth Promoter Super x10
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