Heart Quotes

  • 0 Hearts: "You need things like copper and silver ores for modifying tools. It might be good to have some ready beforehand."
  • 1 Heart: "I'll see to upgrade your tools! But I can't upgrade tools that haven't been used enough, okay?"
  • 2 Hearts: "At any rate, develop skills for using your tools. You can improve your tool when the bar beneath the tool reachs the next level!"
  • 3 Hearts: "Be sure to take good care of the tools you use."
  • 4 Hearts:  "Caves hide various gas traps. If you're not careful, you'll get knocked out and then it's off to the clinic."
  • 5 Hearts: "Use new techniques with powered-up tools. Make sure that you use your power-ups in the right workspaces!"
  • 6 Hearts: "It seems bob wants to run a ranch and Tim wants to be an adventurer. Having a dream is a good thing."
  • 7 Hearts: "It's a little sad not having someone to take over my work, but the best thing is to do what you want to do."
  • 8 Hearts: "I think having close involvement with people is the most fun. Getting married, raising kids watching them grow... Everyday is a wonder."
  • 9-10 Hearts: "They say that marriage is a start, not a goal. But I think it's a turning point."


  • Rainy day after ?? hearts: "Rainy days are kinda gloomy and lousy."

Other Lines

  • When shown your baby: "What an innocent face."
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