Interior view of the Tailor Shop.

The Tailor Shop sells clothing and accessories, and is where you go to upgrade your rucksack. It is located in Waffle Town, and will replace the run-down lot next to Meringue Clinic once you complete Daren's rainbow.

The shop is run by Shelly and her granddaughters, Candace and Luna. Shelly manages the cashier, while Luna and Candace can be seen near or in the shop.

The Tailor Shop is open from 9AM to 6PM, and is closed on Sundays. A part-time job is available if you speak to Shelly, and you will work until closing time.

Shop Inventory

Here, you will find an assortment of clothing and hats. Like your fellow villagers, who alternate between a Spring/Summer outfit and a Fall/Winter outfit, you have the option to dress according to the season. During Spring and Summer, Shelly will sell certain types of clothes, and during Winter and Fall, she will change her clothing stock again.

Male Clothing

Spring/Summer Set Fall/Winter Set Cost
Formal: Blue Border: Blue 1500 G
Formal: Red Border: Red 1800 G
Formal: Yellow Border: Yellow 2100 G
Formal: Green Border: Green 2400 G
Formal: Purple Border: Purple 2700 G

Female Clothing

Spring/Summer Set Fall/Winter Set Cost
Urban: Blue Pop: Blue 1500 G
Urban: Red Pop: Red 1800 G
Urban: Yellow Pop: Yellow 2100 G
Urban: Green Pop: Green 2400 G
Urban: Purple Border: Purple 2700 G


Unlike clothing, the hats list is static and does not change throughout the year.

Hat Cost
Straw Hat 900 G
Newsboy 1800 G
Cap 2100 G
Wool cap 2400 G
Pirate Bandana 3000 G
Ten-Gallon Hat 3300 G

Rucksack Upgrade

Main article: Rucksack

You can upgrade your rucksack by speaking to Shelly, who runs the Tailor Shop, but instead of paying, you will need to provide a few items.

Upgrade Slots Items Needed
First* 15 None
Second 20
  • Good Flax Yarn (2)
  • Good Wool Yarn (2)
  • Good Silk Yarn (2)
Third 25
  • Yellow Flax Yarn (2)
  • Red Wool Yarn (2)
  • Green Silk Yarn (2)
Fourth 30
  • Shining Flax Yarn (1)
  • Shining Wool Yarn (1)
  • Shining Silk Yarn (1)
  • Your first upgrade will be received for free; just speak to Shelly and she will give a complementary upgrade.


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