A Wonderful Life (GC & Special Edition)

(Introduction) "You can always ask me questions, but I suggest trying to figure things out on your own. I've also written lots of advice in the Notebook on your bookshelf. Also, it may be none of my business, but I suggest finding a wife quickly. It was your father's dream to have a family farm, you see. Finally, if you show items to the people, sometimes they'll tell you something about it. That's all for now. Good luck!"

(Spring, Ch. 1) "My dream is to make the farm successful with you..."

"Cows don't give milk all the time, you know. For instance, not when they're sick or right before they give birth. They also stop giving milk about 40 days after giving birth. You have to consider this when deciding when to breed them."

"What do you want to know?" (Nothing) "...Really?"

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