This article is about Takakura, a character from My Little Shop. You may be looking for Takakura from Harvest Moon DS or Takakura, a character from A Wonderful Life.

Takakura is a character in Harvest Moon: My Little Shop. He owns a house expansion store in town, and his assistant Danica works there as well. He will offer the player upgrades to make their business more aesthetically pleasing to customers.

He's a bit gruff and not very talkative. He doesn't seem to like social events.

At the beginning of the game, your grandmother asks him to tear down her shop since she doesn't have any customers any more. He intends to leave town and retire once he is finished with her request.

However, he never ends up tearing it down because the shop becomes successful when you take it over.

He is also prevented from leaving town when Danica insists he take her on as an apprentice, despite his insistence that he's too old. Though he seems rather irritated at having his plans changed, he quickly warms up to Danica and appreciates her help. He even shows concern that she might be lonely because she's new in town, and wants her to be happy and make friends.

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