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Tartan (ツルタン Tsurutan) is a character from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

Tartan is a two-headed plant that resides in Takakura's house. Takakura states how he came back from town one day, and he found a seed in his pocket with a letter that said, "Please take care of him for me. His name is Tartan." After he planted the seed, the two-headed talking plant Tartan grew from it.


To get access to Tartan you must first befriend Takakura. In Chapter 2, send Takakura to the city to buy an animal for you. The following night, follow Takakura into his home at 7:00pm. A cut scene will trigger that will introduce Tartan.


Tartan is able to mix crops together to form new ones that grow faster and sell for a higher price. Most crops made by Tartan sell for the mean sale price of the two parent crops, however some of the crops will have a random selling price, or a pre-set one that will pay just as well if not better. Tartan is also helpful for getting cooking recipes as he sometimes gives hints while you are talking with him.


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  • To befriend Tartan you must talk to him for one (real time) hour, but you don't have to befriend him in one sitting. You can easily put aside a small piece of your day devoted to befriending Tartan, and after several days you will likely have befriended him.
  • Tartan dislikes carrots and will not eat the plant, so make sure that if you give Tartan a carrot it is in seed form.
  • Hybrids made with carrots will sell for more than some crops.
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