The Teleport Stone is a unique item that can be obtained in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.


There is only one Teleport Stone in the game, located at the very bottom of the Spring Mine. You must be in the third year or later and have an empty slot in your rucksack for it to appear. If your rucksack is full when you attempt to find the stone, it will not appear, and you cannot find it again. Hit rocks on the 255th floor of the mine, and you will be able to find the Teleport Stone within 1-10 strikes, so make sure to save before entering the final floor if you are close to collapsing.

  • Tip: Black grass is extremely common on floor 255, so if you're close to collapsing, keep using the hoe and you will find enough black grass to keep you going.



The Teleport Stone has unlimited uses. Once obtained, it can be used by setting it as your active tool from the tool section of your rucksack. It allows you to warp to any part of Mineral Town. It will consume 1 stamina point when using it, so you can't use it more than 225 times in a day without eating or resting.

You will never have to walk if you use this, and it can save the player a lot of time. You can also access the Lake Mine by using the Teleport Stone in all seasons. You cannot hold anything while you use it, so you can't teleport with your basket.

Cheat Code

If the game is being played on an emulator, it is possible to get the Teleport Stone by entering a Gameshark Code.

If you enter the code 0A2E4BF9 CF31EA9F, the Teleport Stone should appear in the toolbox in your home. This code works for the female version of the game as well. The stone will work as it would if you had gotten the stone in the way that was originally intended.

Keep in mind that the Stone will appear in the first slot of the tool chest and placing anything in that slot will transform it into a Teleport Stone.

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