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Seed Location {{{seed_location}}}
Seed Price {{{seed_price}}}
Unlock {{{unlock}}}
Particularity {{{particularity}}}
Growth Period Field Watering / Day Stages
1 2 3 Mature (Total) Regrow
Gravel 1x {{{gravel1-water1}}} {{{gravel2-water1}}} {{{gravel3-water1}}} {{{gravel_mature-water1}}} {{{gravel_regrow-water1}}}
2x {{{gravel1-water2}}} {{{gravel2-water2}}} {{{gravel3-water2}}} {{{gravel_mature-water2}}} {{{gravel_regrow-water2}}}
Regular 1x {{{regular1-water1}}} {{{regular2-water1}}} {{{regular3-water1}}} {{{regular_mature-water1}}} {{{regular_regrow-water1}}}
2x {{{regular1-water2}}} {{{regular2-water2}}} {{{regular3-water2}}} {{{regular_mature-water2}}} {{{regular_regrow-water2}}}
Soil 1x {{{soil1-water1}}} {{{soil2-water1}}} {{{soil3-water1}}} {{{soil_mature-water1}}} {{{soil_regrow-water1}}}
2x {{{soil1-water2}}} {{{soil2-water2}}} {{{soil3-water2}}} {{{soil_mature-water2}}} {{{soil_regrow-water2}}}
Profit Size Star Rank
1 2 3 4 5
Normal {{{profit-normal1}}} {{{profit-normal2}}} {{{profit-normal3}}} {{{profit-normal4}}} {{{profit-normal5}}}
Big {{{profit-big1}}} {{{profit-big2}}} {{{profit-big3}}} {{{profit-big4}}} {{{profit-big5}}}
Giant {{{profit-giant1}}} {{{profit-giant2}}} {{{profit-giant3}}} {{{profit-giant4}}} {{{profit-giant5}}}
Seeds {{{profit-seeds1}}} {{{profit-seeds2}}} {{{profit-seeds3}}} {{{profit-seeds4}}} {{{profit-seeds5}}}
== Template Usage ==
{{ ANBCrops
|crop_name               =
|image                   = <center>[[File:Crop.png]]</center>
|seed_location           = 
|seed_price              =
|unlock                  =

<noinclude>Particularity refers to special conditions. Examples: Require sickle
to harvest, only give fruits in spring/summer/fall (fruit trees), grown only in
water paddies, etc. (all those extra details go here) </noinclude>

|particularity           =

<noinclude>How to read variable names:
gravel1-water1 means "Grown on gravel field, on stage 1, watered only once per 
day, etc"

gravel_mature-water1 means "Grown on gravel field, on mature state (number of 
days in total for crops to reach mature state), watered only once per day, etc"

gravel_regrow-water1 means "Grown on gravel field, number of days for crops to 
regrow, watered only once per day, etc. If crops don't regrow, input N/A"

|gravel1-water1          =
|gravel2-water1          =
|gravel3-water1          =
|gravel_mature-water1    =
|gravel_regrow-water1    =
|gravel1-water2          =
|gravel2-water2          =
|gravel3-water2          =
|gravel_mature-water2    =
|gravel_regrow-water2    =

|regular1-water1         =
|regular2-water1         =
|regular3-water1         =
|regular_mature-water1   =
|regular_regrow-water1   =
|regular1-water2         =
|regular2-water2         =
|regular3-water2         =
|regular_mature-water2   =
|regular_regrow-water2   =

|soil1-water1            =
|soil2-water1            =
|soil3-water1            =
|soil_mature-water1      =
|soil_regrow-water1      =
|soil1-water2            =
|soil2-water2            =
|soil3-water2            =
|soil_mature-water2      =
|soil_regrow-water2      =

<noinclude>How to read variable names:
profit-normal1 means "Profit gained by selling that crop with normal size 
and 1 star rank, etc"

|profit-normal1          =
|profit-normal2          =
|profit-normal3          =
|profit-normal4          =
|profit-normal5          =

|profit-big1             =
|profit-big2             =
|profit-big3             =
|profit-big4             =
|profit-big5             =

|profit-giant1           =
|profit-giant2           =
|profit-giant3           =
|profit-giant4           =
|profit-giant5           =

|profit-seeds1           =
|profit-seeds2           =
|profit-seeds3           =
|profit-seeds4           =
|profit-seeds5           =
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