Vaughn: What?

Mirabelle: Something's bothering the animals, could you take a look at them for me?

Vaughn: All of them?

Mirabelle: I know you're busy, but there's noone elese I can ask. Can you help me out?

Vaughn: ...Fine.

Mirabelle: That's great. Thanks, Vaughn.

The Main Charcter enters the shop.

Mirabelle: Oh, MC! I asked Vaughn to do a job for me, if you've got time, would you mind helping him out?

Vaughn: (!) I work alone.

Mirabelle: But you're busy, right?

Mirabelle: So, MC. How about it?

Options: I'll help Out (+2,000 FP w/ Vaughn, +1,000 w/ Mriabelle.)

        I'm busy, so not now. (-2,000 w/ Vaughn, -1,000 w/ Mirabelle)

Positive Answer:

Mirabelle: Well, Vaughn? You heard MC.

Vaughn:...Don't get in my way.

The Main Character and Vaughn leave to do the chore, but it is offscreen.

Moments later, the tow of you return to the shop.

Vaughn: I'm beat. You okay, MC?

The Main Charcter nods.

Vaughn: Looks like you actually helped speed things up.

With that, the event ends.

Mirabelle: Thanks, MC. Vaughn may not look it, but he's actually really happy.

Vaughn: Why bother to help someone with thier work?

Negative Answer:

Mirabelle: That's too bad...

Vaughn: I can handle it by myself anyway.

Vaughn leaves.

Mirabelle: If you're busy, why would you have time to wonder around here?

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