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This template is used to make a series of non-breaking spaces. If needed, the type of space can be changed, to one of figure spaces, en spaces, em spaces, thin spaces, or hair spaces.
Type {{spaces|<number>}} somewhere.
To change the type of space, type {{spaces|<number>|<type>}} or {{spaces|<type>|<number>}} somewhere. type can be one of fig, en, em, thin, or hair.
Sample output
"{{spaces|10}}" gives...
"          "
"{{spaces|10|en}}" gives...
"          "
"{{spaces|en|10}}" gives...
"          "
Types of whitespace
Code Result HTML entity
Non-breaking space
] [ &nbsp;
Figure space
][ &#8199;
En space
][ &ensp;
Em space
][ &emsp;
Thin space
][ &thinsp;
Hair space
][ &#8202;
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