Heart Lines

  • 0 hearts: "When you use tools push the R Button to lock on. It's more covenient because you can move while you work."
  • 1 heart: "I can see dolphins from the pier on the shore. If you ride them they might take you somewhere."
  • 2 hearts: "I've been living on this mountain for years. This is a nice place with good trees and a clear river." 
  • 3 hearts: "I know every inch of this mountain. I also know what kind of animal will appear and where."
  • 4 hearts: "The thing to do is to remember the place where animals appear. If you encounter them many times, they just might get used to you."
  • 5 hearts: "The appearance of animals varies depending on season and time. Try to remember this while searching."
  • 6 hearts: "There's a food of choice for the animals living in the fields and mountains. Observe what the animals like to eat."
  • 7 hearts: "It's not good to feed the animals living in the fields and mountains. If you feed, do it in moderation."
  • 8 hearts: "Nature is kind, and can at times be harsh. I think people living together with nature is the way it should be."
  • 9 hearts: "When spring comes, wild animals start reproducing in order to increase the number of companions. Nature's instincts are impressive."
  • 10 hearts: ""

Other Lines

  • First meeting: "Hey, who are you? I thought you were trying to harm the wild animals. I'm Terry. These mountains are my back yard. My job is to protect the wild animals. A lot of animals need to be protected to keep the mountains well and alive. A young person like you may not understand this, though."
  • "Getting your body in shape is fundamental. You can't do anything if you're not in shape."
  • Saying goodbye: "Humph."
  • When shown your baby: "Ah I remember Eve when she was little."


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