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The Inn, also known as "Doug's Place," is a type of location and shop in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. It is owned by Doug, who runs the business with his daughter, Ann. Business hours are from 8:00am to 9:00pm, every day except holidays

The Inn serves as a restaurant during the day and a bar after hours. It also contains the only telephone in the town, which costs 10G to use and can be used to call the TV Shopping Network. Doug, Ann, and Gray live in the housing area in the back of the Inn. Cliff and Kai also stay at the Inn. There are several events that take place here, including heart events with Ann and a festival.


Day Menu

Item Cost Notes[1]
Set Meal 500G Recovers 50 stamina and 10 fatigue
Salad 300G Recovers 10 stamina and 20 fatigue
Apple Pie 300G Recovers 30 stamina and 1 fatigue
Cheesecake 250G Recovers 20 stamina and 1 fatigue
Cookie 200G Recovers 10 stamina and 1 fatigue
Water Free Recovers 1 stamina

Evening Menu

Item Cost Notes[2]
Grape Liquor 500G Recovers 20 fatigue
Pineapple Juice 300G Recovers 15 fatigue
Milk 200G Recovers 10 fatigue
Water Free Recovers 1 stamina

Won's Shop

Won can be found selling a variety of unique seeds at the Inn, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.
He sells the following items:

Spring seeds

Item Cost Notes
Cabbage Seeds 500G
Toy Flower Seeds 400G
Moondrop Seeds 300G Becomes available after an event with Karen.


Summer seeds

Item Cost Notes
Pineapple Seeds 1000G
Pink Cat Seeds 300G

Fall seeds

Item Cost Notes
Green pepper Seeds 150G
Magic Red Seeds 600G

Other seeds

Item Cost Notes
Orange Cup Seeds 1000G These seeds will only grow in the Hothouse.


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