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This article is about Theodore, a character from Magical Melody. You may be looking for Theodore, a character from Animal Parade.

"The mayor of Flower Bud Village. He's a do-gooder who walks around the village."

Theodore is the mayor of Flowerbud Village in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

He helps you in the beginning of the game, and is always giving advice. Theodore is the first person you'll meet, he will ask you your name and the name of your ranch. He will also help you choose where to live. By befriending him you can purchase more land from Woody.


  • At his house
  • Flowerbud Square
  • Walking around the village


Gift Preferences
Loved Baked Potato, Baked Yam, Potage Soup, Potato, Potato Gratin, Stewed Potato, Stewed Yam, Yam Pie
Liked Baked Chestnut, Baked Corn, Boiled Egg, Boiled Spinach, Bread, Caramelized Amago, Caramelized C. Carp, Caramelized S. Carp, Caramelized Smelt Char, Cheese Omelette, Cream Salmon, Corn Bread, Deviled Egg, Egg Sandwich, Eggplant Gratin, Fried Veggies, Gold Ore, Good Butter, Good Egg, Good Mayonnaise, Good Milk, Grass Juice, Miso Mackarel, Mushroom Gratin, Mushroom Saute, Pancake, Pickled Cabbage, Pickled Eggplant, Pickled Turnip, Pizza, Plain Omelette, Popcorn, Quesadilla, Rainbow Trout, Seafood Gratin, Seafood Pizza, Special Butter, Special Egg, Special Mayonnaise, Special Milk, Spicy Fried Veggies, Spice Stew, Stew, Stewed Eggplant, Stewed Flounder, Stewed Pumpkin, Stewed Snapper, Stewed Yellowtail, Sunny Side-Up, Tomato Omelette, Tomato Sandwich, Tomato Sardine, Tomato Squid, Tortilla, Truffle, Truffle Saute, Veggie Salad, Yamame

Hated Can, Cheese (All), Failed Dish, Poisonous Mushroom, Stone, Toadstool Saute, Weed, Weird Dish


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