• Hello and thanks for your help. I just want to leave a message on your talk page in case you didn't see it in the edit summary, but I've rolled back a lot of your edits. We do acknowledge that a character with the same name (like Ann) has different roles depending on the game -  as seen on each page that she appears in. We do not, however, arrange our "apperances" part of the infobox to reflect this. The reason being that it'll get way too complicated - even if the same character is not seen as being in the same "role" so to speak. The appearances box is meant to lay out all of that character's appearances in a series for easy redirecting and is not based on role or by game.

    So for example, even if Ann's a rancher in HM64, we would still list her other appearances in the infobox for later games when she's an innkeeper. This is the way that the whole wikia has been set up and we ask that it not be changed at this time, thanks for your understanding. 

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    • The problem is that the inventor Ann is a different character than the inn keeper Ann. The inventor Ann (HM and MM) is named Ann in Japanese, while the inn keeper Ann is Ran in Japanese. They coincidentally shared the same name in English version of the game, but they technically are not the same person. That's why I edited the appearance part in the box to not including MM (Magical Melody).

      It is kinda like Maria (in BtN) and Maria (in HM and MM). They are different characters with different appearance, but share the same name. Ann (HM, MM) and Ann (BtN and future games) look awfully similar, but they are different character - not same character with different role as you're talking about.

      HM64 Ann is an interesting case, but so are all characters in HM64. But I understand the situation and respect the decision.

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    • I can agree with that. We can meet halfway on the compromise. :) 

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