• I noticed your changes to Enrique/Diego's birthday for ToTT. I'm curious.. are you playing the DS or 3DS version? The reason I ask is because I just passed their supposed birthday (the 21st of Summer). I gave them all a gift to test out the birthday trivia... and all three of them responded with birthday lines. As if they had their birthday all on the same day as we had previously had on their pages (which would also make sense because they're triplets). 

    I believe you with your edits on their gift responses and possibly having a different birthday.. but I'm just not sure why? The only thing I can think of is that it's a glitch of some sort or that there's some sort of oversite between the two versions of the game. 

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    • That information was retrieved from Japanese wiki (which can be seen here ). Since the Japanese version only has the original DS version, I assume it's present only in the DS version (or might be only in the Japanese DS version?).

      Which version do you play? I'm not sure if Natsume has corrected when they localized it. I have the English DS version, and if you're not playing the DS version, I can test it later to confirm whether that information is correct or not.

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    • I play the regular DS version. It may have been something that they fixed then. 

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