• Happy new year! Hope it's been a good one so far. Just thought I'd gather some opinions before I went ahead and made the pages for it.. but I'm going to make animal pages for ToTT. 

    In Sunshine Islands, there have been seperate articles made for Silkie Chickens/Chickens, Cows/Jersey Cows, Sheep/Suffolk Sheep, etc. In ANB though, for example, they're all clumped together as "chickens", "cows," "sheep", etc. (even though the pages are not complete). What do you think is a better idea? It's inconsistant so I thought I'd streamline it a little better by asking some people's opinions if you want to weigh in at all! 

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    • I like the ANB format better. I think it's a redundant to have pages with almost similar content (cows and jersey cows, sheep and suffolk sheep, etc).

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    • Thanks for you input. I think that's a better system as well, sort of how we lumped all the crops together, rather than each crop having it's own page. 

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