• Hey Mai. Nice to see you adding on to the new games, as I'm still always chugging away at the old games.

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I reverted the changes to the gift box. The reason is that the "gift" bar was too long. It wasn't the right dimensions to fit inside of the area with the character box on characters with shorter articles. This made it so that it was being pushed down to the bottom of the page underneath the character box. You know what I'm trying to say (I think). Works for longer pages, but no so much on shorter articles with character that we can't add much more information to to make it any longer, you know? 

    But in any case, the history will show your changes that you had before I rolled them back. So if you ever want to tinker with it again, that will all still be there. Take care! 

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